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LM seniors, families and community members ~

As our 2020 graduating seniors end their HS years at LM and shift their focus to their future, we would like to honor them with a short video.

It's not much, but this is the way we want to remember them at LM.....by filling our classrooms and halls with their energy, their laughter and their Falcon Pride.

Thank you for making the LM Falcon Family proud. Good luck in your next adventure!

Click here to access the link. 

Louisa-Muscatine Music Awards 2020

Presented by: Mr. Will and Mr. Wolf

Click here to access link.

Awards 2020
~ Opens at 6:30 PM ~
Click here to see our virtual awards ceremony.

7th Grade:
Elizabeth Arkon
Richard Backes
Nicholas Beesley
Dillon Bishop
Marcus Blake
Molly Bramble
Nolan Brant
Jack Butler
Olivia Calderon
Logan Campbell
Cadence Chamberlain
Kaylie Clemmer
Finnegan Cline
Benjamin Coder
Daisy Cole

Louisa-Muscatine Assertive Discipline

Classroom Protocol Spring 2018-19

Handbook protocol is still applicable when appropriate

Assertive Discipline is developing a clear classroom discipline plan that consists of classroom expectations (rules) which students must follow, positive recognition that students will receive for following expectations, and consequences that result when students choose not to follow the rules. These consequences should escalate when a student breaks the rules more than once in a period. But usually the slate starts anew the next day.

At L-M students receive verbal praise, Falcon Cards, and privileges when following expectations. Students receive consequences when not following classroom expectations through a consistent school wide system, which involves the staff, parents, and administration.

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