5-9-2018 News

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Area food pantry will be open Tuesday, May 15. The Island Lighthouse Food Pantry will be open at the Island United Methodist Church on the third Tuesday of each month from 2:00-5:30 pm to L-M residents. 


FFA State Convention


Congratulations to the Louisa-Muscatine FFA Poultry Judging Team for winning the Iowa FFA State Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event. Addison Randall, Gage Connor, Maisy Howell, and Emily Wagner will represent Iowa at the 2018 National FFA Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event in Indianapolis, IN this October. They were the top team overall out of 88 teams from across Iowa, winning the Egg Grading, Ready to Cook Poultry, and Further Processed Poultry Divisions, and were third in the poultry management exam. 

Left to Right: Emily Wagner, Gage Connor, Maisy Howell, and Addison Randall 


Addison Randall was the top individual overall in the contest out of 338 FFA members from across Iowa, winning the Ready To Cook, and Further Processes Poultry divisions. Gage Connor placed 2nd overall in the contest, Maisy Howell finished 6th overall, and Emily Wagner was 38th overall. Jeremy Neiswonger was our alternate and helped prepare the team to compete. 


The FFA Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event provides an opportunity for FFA members to display their agricultural knowledge and skills in the area of Poultry Evaluation. Activities included: placing classes of live poultry; placing and grading classes of ready to cook poultry; grading classes of egg interiors and exteriors; identifying and grading further process poultry products, and a poultry production examination. There were 338 members participating from 88 chapters.

Left to Right: Grace Schlutz, Jackson Soy, Brandon Burmeister, and Will Kiesewetter

Louisa-Muscatine had four members receive their Iowa FFA Degrees at the State Leadership Conference. Grace Schlutz received her degree for her swine production SAE project, Jackson Soy and Brandon Burmeister received their degree for their beef production SAE projects, and Will Kiesewetter received his degree for his is hay entrepreneurship SAE project. 


Cloey Schultheis competed in the FFA Talent Competition and placed 3rd in the state! She was able to perform during the 3rd General Session in front of 4,000 FFA members, advisors, and guests! 


Left to right: Grace Schlutz, Stephenee Schwandke, Jackson Soy, Addison Randall, Hunter Connor, Gage Connor, Jeremy Neiswonger, Emily Wagner, Brandon Burmeister, Maisy Howell, and Will Kiesewetter. 


The Ag Sales team of Hunter Connor, Will Kiesewetter, Brandon Burmeister, Jackson Soy, and Stephenee Schwandke placed 16th in the Iowa FFA Agricultural Sales Career Development Event out of 60 teams from across Iowa. Will Kiesewetter tied for 1st place in the individual sale division with a perfect score of 150 points out of 150 points possible. The team was 12th overall in their team sales presentation and 14th in the individual sales division


Left to right: Jeremy Neiswonger, Cloey Schultheis, Gage Connor, Stephenee Schwandke, Grace Schlutz, Hunter Connor, Addison Randall, Jackson Soy, Emily Wagner, Will Kiesewetter, Maisy Howell, and Brandon Burmeister. 




Nurse's Notes



Mandatory requirements: Due by the first day of school: August 23rd, 2018
There will be no exceptions with vaccines.  If not up to date on the first day of school, the student will be sent home.

K- Vision Screening Certificate, Dental Screening Certificate, Reported Blood Lead Level, Up to Date Vaccine Certificate, Physical form
3rd- Vision Screening Certificate
7th- Up to date Vaccine Certificate showing proof of current Tdap and Meningitis Vaccine.
9th -Dental Screening Certificate.

12th- Up to Date Vaccine Certificate showing proof of current Tdap and Meningitis Vaccine.


*If your student has borrowed clothes from the nurse's office during this school year, please have those items returned by the last day of school.*

**Medications will be sent home. Please watch for them to come home with your student.**



 Librarian Update


As the school year winds down, our search for lost library books ramps up before the students leave for the summer.  There are currently about 150 books in each building that are lost or overdue, totaling nearly $2,000.00 which is a large chunk of our yearly budget.  Several reminder notes have been sent home with those students whose books are significantly overdue and more notes will be going home shortly for everyone in hopes of getting the books returned by the end of the school year.  If you don’t mind, please take a moment and double check to make sure that your child does not have any books from our libraries that are lost or overdue. Your child’s teacher, our librarian, as well as our library clerks can answer this question for you.  If your student has lost or damaged books that need to be paid for, please contact the librarian or library clerks for an accurate and up to date total. Checks must be made out to Louisa-Muscatine Schools and our office secretaries can process them for you and provide a receipt.  A replacement copy of the book that is in good condition will be accepted as well. Often times, Amazon has used copies of books for as little as .01 cent plus the cost of shipping.


As an incentive for book returns, the library will be hosting a popsicle party the last week of school for the first 3 homerooms in each building with 100% returns.   Please help us get our books back on the shelves and ready to go for next school year! Thank you so much for your help and your continued support of Louisa-Muscatine libraries.  


- Amanda Elliott, District Librarian


 PTO / Elementary Year Books



Notes were sent home about the 2017-18 Elementary Yearbook.  This is our twelfth year publishing an elementary yearbook, and we have always sold it for $10.00 per copy.  We are truly happy to say, even with it being in color this year we are keeping the cost to our families at the $10.00.  PTO will make $26.40 from this year's sales, so you can see we do not use Yearbook as a fundraiser.  We want to say “Thank You” for supporting PTO events throughout the school year and for you and your child to have a memory of their early educational beginnings at Louisa-Muscatine Schools.


Yearbooks will be delivered this summer, which is another way of keeping the cost down, plus a full school year of activity pictures will be included for Preschool through the 6th grade.  Students will receive their copy when school begins in the fall. Current sixth grade students will pick up their copy in the secondary building office.


Thank You for another great year from L-M Parent Teacher Organization!!  Have a safe and wonderful summer!